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    Places Bookworms Can Also Enjoy Hanging Out In

    Whoever said bookworms only enjoy hanging out in bookstores doesn’t really know what reading books is all about. Whoever also said bookworms only enjoy hanging out in book cafés doesn’t really know what hanging out is all about. You see, there’s more to bookworms hanging out in bookstores. It doesn’t only make them happy as they get to discover a whole new world inside a bookstore, but also make them happier as they get to experience a whole new world more closely inside a bookstore – something bookworms can also appreciate in another place with the same kind of ambience. You also see, there’s more to bookworms hanging out in…

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    Good Eats In The US

    Visiting the United States? That’s great! Worrying about food? No worries! Here are some places with good eats in the US: Miami, Florida Located at the southeastern part of Florida, Miami is not just known for its pristine beaches and colorful buildings. It’s also known for a variety of good eats – including mouthwatering dishes found in The Capital Grille, which is located at 444 Brickell Avenue and best known for its grilled steaks; Truluck’s Restaurant, which is located at 777 Brickell Avenue and best known for its seafood dishes; Zuma, which is located at Epic Hotel in 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way and best known for its Japanese cuisine; and…

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    The Minimalist Bibimbap

    Bibimbap is one of those Korean dishes that anyone with limited cooking talents would probably find daunting to prepare. At first glance, there seems to be a lot going on with the dish with all its colorful ingredients artfully arranged into a scrumptious looking feast. But thanks to the many recipes available online, anyone craving for this healthy and quite filling dish can have a go at making it provided all the ingredients are available. But what happens when you start craving for bibimbap only to find out that you do not even have half of the necessary ingredients to make it? The beauty of cooking is that it entails…