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    How to Spray-Paint Your Library

    Here’s the deal: If your library doesn’t inspire you to read more books, you probably need to give it a new look. Libraries are homes of the greatest treasures in the world, which means they shouldn’t bore you at all! A library should be taken care of, must have a welcoming presence, and should make you feel like you are time-traveling to another place. How will you do that? Use a spray paint. Yep, it’s that popular tool used for vandalizing. But it could be used for a good cause too! So, let’s get started! Preparation Time for Cleaning Prepare your library by leaving the largest pieces of furniture inside…

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    Homey Activities Bookworms Will Come To Love Someday

    While most people think there’s not much to do at home except for chores, it’s not exactly the case – especially for those who are idle most of the time when staying at home and even for those who are reading most of the time when staying at home. That’s right! You see, who says you can’t idle without being productive? You can either make something that can be displayed as art in the living room like a painting, which you can do while sitting on a chair; or fix something that be exampled as guide in the comfort room like a broken showerhead, which you can do while standing…